‘I was first introduced to Bonnie through a mutual friend as I was looking to find a marketer to join my early stage start-up. From the outset, it was clear that Bonnie was an expert in all things marketing but more importantly, authentic in what she said and how she approached her work. Since then Bonnie has been my go-to source of advice on everything from personal branding, social media advertising, content creation, strategic partnerships and general marketing strategy. Most recently, I asked Bonnie to help me craft a strategic overview for a group of brands I am establishing and her ability to take my often disjointed thoughts into concise, actionable outcomes was a testament to her ability. If Bonnie says she can help, my recommendation would be to let her’. - OMAR DE SILVA | FOUNDER & CEO PLATO PROJECT

‘Bonnie is an extremely well respected (& connected) marketing leader in Australia. I've known Bonnie for years & love watching her create powerful ripple effects for consumer brands. In particular, she took Frank Green from a little known brand to a market leader through clever partnerships & activations both locally & nationally. There are few industry professionals I know who could make such an impact for consumer brands, helping them build cult followings with smart brand strategy & national awareness-building campaigns. I can't recommend Bonnie highly enough!’ - JESS RUHFUS | FOUNDER & CEO COLLABOSAURUS

‘A leader in all respects, Bonnie has a deep understanding of consumer trends and has an incredible knack for creating and implementing strategies to build brand loyalty and commercial return. For any organisation that appreciates the real benefits of direction setting, strategic thinking and experienced practical leadership Bonnie is an exceptional young woman and contributor with a maturity well beyond her years. She is smart, achievement focused, values building collaborative and authentic relationships and is always a pleasure to be around.’ - CHAD STEPHENS | CO-FOUNDER 1FORM (ACQUIRED BY REA)

‘Bonnie is the ultimate professional. She is everything you could ask for in a business/marketing consultant. She is not only clever and creative, but also as an incredible level of passion and dedication. More often than not, you meet consultants that promise the world, but deliver very little. Bonnie is the opposite, she has under promised and over delivered. Hired initially as a marketing consultant. She has become a cornerstone to our company profile and a welcomed asset. We will continue to work with Bonnie. Couldn’t speak highly enough of her as person and as a consultant.’ MURDOCH COLLINS | VICE PRESIDENT BLACK LEOPARD SKINCARE

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