Founder,  Trusted Marketing Strategist & Speaker

Bonnie Borland has built a reputation as a marketing expert with almost a decade of industry experience. Specialising in multi-channel marketing, Bonnie has designed and implemented many successful go-to-market and end-to-end strategies for leading brands such as Acquire Learning, Honda, Lululemon and Frank Green all delivering industry leading results.

In addition Bonnie founded and scaled her own successful boutique consultancy network, focused on delivering industry leading marketing, brand and commercial strategies. It’s this experience, that seen Bonnie build out marketing functions and resources within companies to contribute to their growth and scale.

Bonnie is a regular speaker and has been invited to speak on numerous panels including General Assembly, League of Extraordinary Women and Pause Fest. Bonnie’s content and delivery has been described as relatable, educational and inspiring and in 2018 was awarded the role of Australian Ambassador for TedX.

With a deep understanding of business, marketing and importance of digital and emerging platforms to companies and corporations, she has refined the ability to think from both a marketing and commercial perspective.

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